iTruth was started in April of 2015 by Bruce Macintosh. Bruce is a former policeman in the SAPS with 25 years of experience. The majority of this time was spent as a Detective carrying out investigations. This experience and skill invaluably assists him when conducting investigations, now with the assistance of technology.

A bit more about this technology:

The Truth Verification Examination process (for Screening and Issue Investigation) is administered by means of AVSAPRO ™© digital voice-stress analysis. AVSAPRO is a validated means of psycho-physiological detection of deception (PDD). AVSAPRO captures and records .wav voice responses (phonemes) in spectrograph format. The recorded spectrograph is displayed in standardized gullwing form. AVSAPRO processes the recorded phonemes in a neural network database, trained with >15,000 known-solution phonemes in format of “No’.

AVSAPRO utilizes PDD validated question constructs of Cleve Backster and John Reid.

AVSAPRO prohibits the use of non-validated question constructs. AVSAPRO prohibits the violation of homeostasis restoration phase in between each question. A minimum waiting period is enforced and cannot be manipulated. The exclusive, integral cadence control feature of AVSAPRO ensures that the subject response is captured at the same point in the response curve of every individual examinee, thus producing consistency and reliability into each examination.

AVSAPRO automatically rotates each Relevant Question from chart to chart, thus eliminating common, but serious errors that occur in manual voice-stress systems.

The trained neural network of AVSAPRO prevents false negative or false positive calls that can occur during manual scoring. AVSAPRO decisions are based upon a neural network trained with thousands of known-solution outcomes, made by PDD experts over a decade.